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THE TRIP TO OBERTSHAUSEN-FRANKFURT First of all of our group were excited about travelling to Germany .Because most of us ıt was the fırst time we were travelling to GERMANY.Because we have so many Turkish families in that country and our students wanted to meet their friends who came to Turkey last year. We travelled to Izmir bye bus and then we flew to Frankfurt airport happily and excitedly.Our colleagues Thomas and Hilde met us at the aırport and we all went to the school by train.As soon as we arrived at school our students went to their host families with their German friends. On the fırst day of the project actıvıty we had a meeting at the school what actıvities we wouıl carry out during the project .After we had lucnh at school altogether the students and the teachers went to see some buildings and monuments in groups ın the neighbourhood.We studıed on a building that was a slaughterhouse in the past but now ıt s a hotel.The following morning students tried to get some more information about the monuments and buildings which they saw the day before.At the end of the day teachers ate dınner at a restaurant altogether. The weather was a bit cold but it was ok for us because we were happy to be in Obertshausen .The second day we visited the COUNTY OFFICE and had a short meeting there.Then we travelled to DARMSTAD to see some buildings and monuments. The next day we travelled to Würzburg to see again some gorgeous buildings and monuments.We saw the BISHOP S RESIDENCE and then sightsaw the Cristmas exhibition.And also we saw the exhibition on the 2 nd WORLD WAR and old TOWN HALL that was ın the centre of the cıty. On Sunday it was off day for the students and the teachers but teachers went to see the city Hanau .The next day we travelled to TRİER city where we saw Roman BATHS that were never used as baths because the Roman Empire left the city early before finishing the construction the baths.Some parts of the baths were underground . Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand on the last day the students completed their studies and presented them in a big presentation room at school. It was time to leave Obertshausen to set off for our hometown.OF COURSE leaving their friends was very dificult for the students we took photos and gave gifts to each other . Finally the trip to Obertshausen definitely was a great opportunity and experience for all of the participants of the partner countries.We were happy to make new friends ,to study mutually and to know about the culture and education studies of our partners. YILMAZ ŞAHİNKAYA A teacher of English

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Monday, December 15, 2008


-Ne yapmayı seversin? -What do you like doing?

-Ne yapmak istersin? -What would you like to do?

-Ne çeşit müzik seversin? -What kind of music do you like?

-Ne çeşit yiyecek seversin? -What kind of food do you like?

-Ne çeşit spor seversin? -What sport do you like?

-Dens etmeyi severim -I like dancing

-Koşmayı severim -I like running

-Ben şarkı söylemeyi, arkadaşlarla buluşmayı, müzik dinlemeyi, sinemaya gitmeyi, alışveriş yapmayı…. severim.
-I like singing, meeting my friends, listening to music, going to the cinema, going shopping…

-Senin beğendiğin film nedir? -What is your favourite film?

-Senin beğendiğin şehir nedir? -What is your favourite city?

- Senin beğendiğin renk nedir? -What is your favourite colour?
- Senin beğendiğin aktör nedir? -What is your favourite actor?

-Sen çukulatayı mı yoksa kolayı mı tercih edersin ? -What do you prefer, chocolate or coke?

- Senin beğendiğin program nedir? -What is your favourite programme?

-Senin favori müziğin nedir? -What is your favourite kind of music?

-Ben pop müzik, hip hop, rock, rap … severim. -I like pop music, hip hop, rock, rap…

-Ben spaghetti, cips, makarna ve domates, sarmısaklı sucuk (sosis),pizza, kola, muz, fast food … severim.

-I like spaguetti, chips, macaroni and tomato, garlic sausages, pizza, coke, bananas, fast food…

-“piercings” severmisin? -Do you like pirecings?

-Dövme severmisin? -Do you like tattoos?

-Elbisemi nasıl buldun? -How do you like to dress?

-Tiyatroyu severmisin? -Do you like theatre?

-Hayvanları severmisin? -Do you like animals?
-Beğendiğin bir evcil hayvanın var mı? -Do you have a favourite pet?

-Kitap okumayı severmisin? -Do you like reading?

-Resim çizmeyi severmisin? -Do you like drawing?

-Büyüyünce ne olmak istersin? -What would you like to be when you are older?

-Bilmiyorum… -I don´t like…





-Abartmak! -To exaggerate

-Motorsiklet -Motorbike

-Yer/Mekan -Place

-Kaba -Rude

-Olamaz! -Oh my!

-Yatmak -To go to bed

-Dedikodu -Gossip

-Aman Allahım! -Oh my God!


-Uşak nerede? -Where is Uşak?

-Kütüphane nerede? -Where is the library?

-Meydan nerede? -Where is the square?

-Belediye binası nerede? -Where is the town hall?

-Cami nerede? -Where is the mosque?

-Kilise nerede? -Where is the church?

-İsmet Paşa Caddesi nerede ? -Where is “İsmet Paşa Caddesi”?

-Lise nerede? -Where is the High school?

-Eczane nerede? -Where is the chemist´s?

-Karakol nerede? -Where is the police station?

-Futbol statyumu nerede? -Where is the football stadium?

-Hastane nerede? -Where is the hospital?

-Lokanta nerede? -Where is the restaurant?

-Mağazalar nerede? -Where are the shops?

-Banyo nerede? -Where is the bathroom?

-Büyük kapı nerede? -Where are the gate?

-Tiyatro nerede? -Where is the theatre?

-Atatürk müzesi nerede? -Where is the Atatürk museum?

-Üzüm bağları nerede? -Where are the vineyards?

-Sinema nerede? -Where is the cinema?

-Kooperatif nerede? -Where is the cooperative?

-Bina nerede? -Where is the building?

-Sola/Sağa dön -Turn left/ right

-Dümdüz git -Go straight on

-Sonraki sokak -Next street

-Dönemeçten dön -Turn at the round about

-Köşeden dön -Turn the corner

-Baraj nerede? -Where is the reservoir?

-Halit Ziya bulvarı nerede? -Where are the Halit Ziya avenues?

-“Lal” nerde? -Where is the “lal”?

-Market nerede? -Where is the market?

-Bank nerede? -Where is the bench?





-Merhaba -Hello

-Nasılsınız? -How are you?

-İyiyim, teşekkürler -I´m fine, thanks

-Sizin adınız nedir? -What´s your name?

-Benim adım…. –My name´is….

-Siz bana yardım edebilirmisiniz? -Can you help me?

-Evet, zevkle. –Yes, it´s my pleasure

-Hayır, üzgünüm. Bilmiyorum. –No, I´m sorry, I don´t know

-Hayır, yapamam. –No, I can´t do it

-Sen onu bana ödünç verebilirmisin? -Can you lend it to me?

-Bana eşlik edermisiniz, lütfen? -Would you mind coming along with me, please?

-Saat kaç? -What time is it?

-Akşam/Öğlen yemeğine nekadar var? -How long for lunch/ dinner?

-Saat kaçta varırız? -What time do we arrive?

-Biraz -A little

-Size teşekkür ederim -Thank you

-Birşey dağil -You´re welcome

-Üzgünüm -I´m sorry

-Güle güle -Bye

Our trip to Spain was very exiting from the beginning. We saw and analyzed a lot of statues, historical monuments and buildings. We went about huge and fascinating museum in Spain.
On October 20th, we arrived the Barajas that is the airport of Spain at 14:30 according to Spanish time. Christina who is a teacher of I.E.S Francisco Garcia Pavon welcomed us at the airport. Then we waited Slovakia Group that was welcomed by Eva. And then we greeted with Eva and Slovakia group. We went to train station in Madrid altogether for going to Tomelloso. Finally, we arrived Tomelloso approximately 20:00. But, we talked about Project and programmed what we would do tomorrow with Eva and Christina when we travelled. Families picked our students up and they went to their home together. We settled down our hotel and slept early because it was really tired trip.
On October 21st, we went to I.E.S Francisco Garcia Pavon at 08:30. We greeted with German, Slovakia and Spain groups. The headmaster of the school congratulated us at the meeting. Every group’s students presented their subjects and introduced their school and school properties. After that we talked about our schools with other group briefly. After presentation we went to the Espana Square which is the main square of Tomelloso. We visited Los Portales which is the old building, but it was restored and changed into a museum. The museum staffs gave as information about Tomelloso. The students divided into groups that were called Arcadas and Bombo and they were given a task. And then they started to access their project. Our students made an interview about old building in Tomelloso with old people. In the evening, Spanish teachers and students arranged Halloween party at school. Every student dressed and made up differently. The teachers constituted a fear atmosphere. Some of the students frightened, but most of them did not. After the party, we came back our hotel.
On October 22nd, we went to visit to Madrid. The weather was rainy heavily. Therefore we didn’t go to everywhere easily. Firstly, we visited Madrid Plaza Major which is one of the central spots of Madrid. The statue is built XVII. century. We visited Plaza de Cibales which is a kind of fountain with statue. And then we went to Congress building and The Madrid of the Austrias. Eva gave us information about these buildings and Almuden Cathedral. After lunch, we visited Museum which is called Museo Nacional Del Prado. Eva also tried to explain the magnificent paintings that were painted in XVI. and XVII. century. After that, we began to journey back. Through travelling in the bus, we were talking about our project, building, history and we listened our prepared Cds that are composed of Spanish, Turkish, English, Slovakian, Italian and German songs.
On October 23rd, we went to school and met with our students. We visited the school and examined the classroom and education. The teacher explained their school and education system in Spain. We went to meeting to local administer of Tomelloso. She thanked us and we gave her our traditional presents. After that, we visited a famous winery in Tomelloso. A staff in the fabric gave information about the process of wine. We tried to understand how the wine is produced. Then we had lunch and talked about project. Thus we decided the date of other mobility to Germany and Slovakia. In the evening, we went to school for representation and we met with other colleagues and local administer of government.
On October 24th, we visited Toledo. While we travelling by bus we talked about what we should do next meeting we decided to study on songs. Before getting Toledo, we visited Consuegra, a Castilia Baraque which is a small town with a beautiful castle surrounded by typical windmills. These windmills are very famous because of the well known writer Cervantes’s novel, “Don Quijote” is known all over the world. Toledo is an important city in Spain because it has a history of Muslim, Christian and Jewish. We saw the gates of old city that one of them for Muslim, the other one is Christian. Muslim, Christians and Jews co-existed peacefully for many centuries in Toledo. We went to Alcazar de Toledo and city hall. And then we visit to Santa Isabel Cathedral in Toledo. Eva gave information about it. The cathedral is gigantic and impressive. There were a lot of paintings and statues in it. Finally, we came back our hotel at 23:00.
On October 25th, we went to Ruidera which is a little village in the province of Ciudad Real. It has a beautiful landscape. Eva said that this river area has an approximate extension of 4.000 hectares, of which 3.772 belong to LAS LAGUNAS DE RUIDERA NATURAL PARK. We walked around the river and saw two small waterfalls.

On October 26th, we went to school in the morning early and we worked together in technology class. The students wrote their thoughts about trip to Spain. The teachers shared their documents for setting up the page on internet. In the afternoon, we visited San Carlos de Valle which is an old church and town and the road of the Quixote in the morning. Eva said to us in the cell of Argamasilla del Alba, Miguel de Cervantes was held imprisoned and conceived his Quijote. We visited the Cervantes’s village. In the evening, everybody saw each other off.
On October 27th, we went to Barajas airport for coming back home.